Why Journey?

President’s Message


As a youth, I always envisioned being able to somehow make a difference in the world. I would be someone with status, money and influence… maybe even the President of the United States.  My voice would be heard in many places around the world and I even thought of how I would balance the fame of it all, but I knew I could handle it.  For I was going to be someone that people would listen to and my very opinion would change wholesale ways of doing things.  I had visions of grandeur of how I would make the world better and change lives and truly leave my mark. Crazy huh?

I hope you have a life’s vision.

In my adult life, I have discovered two very important things on the matter.  First, every young man and young woman should consider themselves a person of worth that is capable of great things.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Second, I have found that the only way you can truly change the world is to change someone’s world… one child at a time… and if YOU are the one who does that for someone, you will forever leave an impression.  You will “leave your mark” in a way that will be felt throughout the eternities.

I can’t think of anything I would rather do than be the “changemaker” in someone’s young life that sets them on the trajectory to accomplish great things.

Such is the mission of The Journey Foundation… both to leave a mark and to help young people become a changemaker” in their own lives. Young people that come to Journey Leadership programs come with great expectations that they are going to have an extraordinary experience.  They look forward with great anticipation to their time with us (as do their parents) and expect to learn and grow as well as have some incredible fun.

We do not take that knowledge lightly.

We have planned, prepared, honed, researched and thought through every detail of every program day.  We have carefully selected counselors that will match the expectations of both parents and participants.  We view what happens in a young life after Journey is completely dependent up what happens while they are with us.  This is serious stuff.  So here’s why you should choose to come to a Journey Leadership experience:

  • Ours is a positive environment.  We purposely don’t weigh it down with lots of rules and discipline.  We have carefully selected the participants to ensure a history of behavior that will help ensure everyone’s success.
  • Our program methods are research-based and time and time again evidence has shown a wonderful track record of success in making a difference in the lives of our participants.
  • Our counselors have special skills and have shown that they lead their lives in such a way that warrant young people’s admiration. As each considers their role as mentor, they prayerfully approach this experience with an eye of understanding of who these young people truly are and what type of “mark” they might hope to leave.
  • It’s an incredibly fun experience, but goes deeper than “fun.” It will be remembered and add value to lives of every participant for years to come.

I hope you will choose to be with us this summer. You’re obviously a leader already in your own life.  I’m looking forward to meeting you. You are our future!

With love and admiration,

Kyle Tresner

Co-Founder, President, & Executive Director