General FAQ’s:


What do I bring?

Here’s a Packing List that’s specifically for Hawaii, but is basically the same as for Camp WILD.  For National Treasure, just exclude the camping gear.


What is a typical daily Schedule?

Participants will wake up at 7:30 and eat breakfast at 8:00am.  Youth will typically be out enjoying one of the many incredible experiences all day. Lunch time will depend on the activity and dinner will be at 5:30pm.  Lights out at 10:00pm.


What is included in the trip?

All meals, transfers, activities, and lodging. All participants will receive hands on training in all camp adventures specific to their program such as rafting, backpacking, sea kayaking, surfing and wilderness instruction.  They will also receive t-shirts and other Journey goodies 🙂

Tuition does not cover: Airport food, Saturday meals (Hawaii), souvenirs, or extra snacks or sweets you might want during your stay with us (this includes Hawaiian shaved ice… it is not covered in tuition)


Can I call home?

Not typically.  Letters can be written and packages can be sent and received.  No cell phones are allowed and the camp phone is for emergencies only. 


How will we get to Camp WILD?

A charter bus will transport Camp WILD and Super Camp WILD participants from Provo directly to the Salmon River Lodge.


Do I need medical insurance coverage? 

Medical insurance is required for each participating youth.  If you do not have medical insurance notify the Journey Foundation office so an agreement can be arranged.


What is so cool about Journey programs?

All counselors are university students who have a history of high academic performance and a wide range of experience and skills.  Activities are designed to challenge and bring together youth and their counselors.


What happens if you break the honor code?

We want everyone to succeed and have a great experience.  Those who are unable to live in harmony with the honor code and follow the direction of staff will be sent home at your expense.  A plane ticket home costs $100-$200 from Idaho and a $1000 or more from Hawaii.


What do we eat?

Journey programs have a great kitchen staff.  9.9 out of 10 kids say that Camp food is better than their mom’s cooking.  Most dietary issues can be accommodated.


What about safety?

Journey staff is certified in first aid and CPR.  Medical staff is on site at all times and each activity is carefully planned, equipped, and supervised with safety first.


Where do we sleep?

You will primarily sleep in cabins while at base camp. During activity rotations you may spend the night by the river, in the wilderness, or by the Ocean (in Hawaii)


What do we do on Sundays?

A short Sunday service will be held while activities continue at Camp WILD.  If you are staying over a Sunday in Hawaii, it is your option to attend a Sunday service.  (We do not force you to go, although we make you feel really guilty if you don’t)  During National Treasure, we attend church at the National Cathedral.


Counselor to participant ratio?

We believe the best experience for everyone is small groups.  So we’re proud to offer a  2:5 adult to youth ratio in all Journey programs.  While team sizes may be larger for some programs (because of the activities involved,) there is always plenty of adult support.


What about Medications?

Our in-camp medical staff gather meds upon arrival and distribute them according to the required medication schedule prescribed by your doctor.