National Treasure

National Treasure is an exciting 10-day adventure where participants set out in search of America’s “national treasure.” Much like the movie of the same name, participants operate in small teams and navigate their way from one national landmark to the next by solving clues and overcoming obstacles. While the group learns the greatness of America and the importance of its founding principles, the real objective is to help each individual discover who they are, what they are capable of becoming, and to realize that, in fact, they are the “national treasur

DSCF5405This fun, hands-on way of discovering Philadelphia and Washington DC is sure to inspire participants of the greatness of America and the importance of its founding principles. It takes place over 10 days each July and is often fully filled early by school groups, church groups, and other organizations as either part of their year’s curriculum or a special reward for all they accomplished during the school year.

2019 National Treasure

July 22-31

Cost: $1750

What’s included:

The most common question we are asked is what’s included.  The answer… just about everything!  From the time participants arrive to the Salt Lake City airport until their return, all of the transportation, meals, lodging, tickets, etc…  Only souvenirs and airport food are the responsibility of individual participants.


What to bring?

A full packing list is available Here